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Sep 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
? >>> john the baptist is being celebrated his be heading he appears twice in the church calendar the first time is on his birthday in the second time today we recognize his be handing his martyrdom he is not because stink stephen the first murder but john the baptist is really murder even before him. >>> of course as the process of canonization but there is an understanding perhaps the meth if you are murdered her automatically sent is that true >>> you are in reality it go directly to have been and all those in heaven are saints were ordered for the faith. either of two types of martyrdom is murdered him for hatred of faith from the one who kills them hates the faith or sent for some virtue connected with the faith. so those murders certainly go straight to heaven but they're not always recognize runaway but many of them have been in time >>> it's an exciting process and it begins but had they come up with this? >>> as you say the murders in the early church christians for persecuted and the early era of the church and then it caused some teen edict of toleration of of christianity to pra
Oct 2, 2012 7:30pm PDT
realistic. like john wayne movies weren't realistic as much, but they're very patriotic and they give you a sense of, "hey, you know, i want to go do that." (music playing) i'd come out of theater having seen some of these old films, movies like "pork chop hill" and "to hell and back" with audie murphy, "sands of iwo jima" with john wayne, i'd come out having -- feeling a peculiar thing. the peculiar thing was i wanted to play war. (tim o'brien) and i remember being with my little buddies, we'd go out to the golf course and pretend we were john wayne. (patriotic music playing) when you've got john wayne, you've already got history right there in front of you embodied in one character. he carries himself as a walking convention. (gene michaud) he's the older, wiser enlisted. he has to train young recruits and he has to be the father. if it's in the line of duty, i'll do what you tell me to do. but as far as my personal life, keep your hands off. that's the same thing your father would tell you. and i wouldn't have listened to him either. that's right. you never did. how do you know? he
Oct 2, 2012 11:30am PDT
, thatthe invention of a machine is of more importance than a masterpiece by raphael." john adams said, "the age of painting and sculpture has not arrived in this country, and i hope it will not arrive soon. i would not give a sixpence for a picture of raphael." nevertheless, admiration for the artist became so great th copies of his works grew in number, especially of the madonna of the chair. merchants and landowners placed these copies in rooms filled with family portraits and memorabilia. unlike jefferson's monticello, the copy after raphael might now be the only art relating to an old master in the room. the attitude toward raphael changed during the 19th century. through prints and the new medium of photography, copies of his sistine madonna and other works proliferated. once mass-produced, they were no longer a mark of taste and distinction but symbolized their owner's moral as well as artistic values. eventually, raphael's images became so commonplace they were fair game for parody. in the late 19th century, a new, more sophisticated type of collector arose in america: the
Sep 25, 2012 7:30pm PDT
good? well, john travolta coming in and dancing around my house would be a nice thing. (singing) (amy heckerling) i'm sure that my fantasies aren't that different. (baby's thoughts) now, that's entertainment. one of the things i've always been interested in is creating female characters that i could relate to, and that female friends of mine could relate to. that funny young lost look... i loved. (susan seidelman) i think taking a genre and twisting it, and by twisting it being able to say something about modern romance is very appealing. i know. gary... do you remember your dreams? i never thought about it. they really went for the commercial tonight, don't you think? everyone thought you were great. i think romantic comedies today are more realistic; they have to have characters that a modern audience believes and deal with certain issues that are in contemporary life. when i started out writing "when harry met sally," i thought only that it would be nice to write this little movie that rob had proposed. (nora ephron) two people are friends. they realize that sex would ruin everythi
Sep 26, 2012 7:30pm PDT
- a different, well, john simmons. not john simmons- becomes a different john simmons when i'm relating to my kids, to my students, to my provost, to authority figures. you know, watch that- watch how you're going along, thinking, oh, boy, that religious studies class was so mellow and i'm feeling so good. and then somebody pulls out in front of you, "arrrrgggghhhh!" you know, you're sense of self has changed, from peace into an angry self, in relationship to that fool who pulled out in front of you, you know. that's what i'm talking about- it is not a cosmic, bizarre kind of insight the buddha is offering up; he's saying we suffer because we don't recognize that we are always, always- you know, our sense of self is in that relational mode. yeah, janet. >> i actually have to debate a little bit with you, because i found the no self thing to be the hardest part. my teacher started out with all things are by their very nature impermanent- even the mountains are worn down by the water, and crumble to the sea. so anything you might want to grasp onto isn't permanent. if you wish fo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5